Mill Programs

North American Products for Global Markets

NFP’s Total Product of the Run™ program (TPR) starts with an in-depth review of your mill configuration, fiber source and transportation infrastructure.
Our team will:

Analyze your Current Product Mix

  • Species and quality of fibre
  • North American ALS/CLS and export products currently produced
  • Grades, sizes, lengths available
  • Other product qualities (KD or green, packaged by length, paper-wrapped, etc.)

Analyze your Mill Configuration

  • Mill design and existing manufacturing equipment (sawmill, planer, trim saws, sorting bins, resaws, dry-kilns, etc.)
  • Ability to utilize existing equipment to produce export sizes and lengths
  • Volume per shift, minimum volume per production run
  • Log bucking
  • Anti-stain treatment, kiln-dry/heat treat, paper-wrapping, export packaging
  • Flexibility to convert to export program
  • Distance to ports, rail access, cost and availability of trucks to container transloads and port terminals
  • Analyze feasibility and cost of retrofitting mill to produce export sizes (equipment, labour, etc.)

Assess the Fit of your Current Product Line to Export Markets

  • Price levels of export products compared to current product mix (net return to fibre)
  • Ability to pull export products from existing product line
  • Ability to run a dedicated export cut

Develop a Total Product of the Run™ Solution

  • Design a feasible and simplified export program that encompasses all aspect of production, including log bucking, sawmilling, kiln-drying, planing, trimming and product merchandising
  • Move all sizes, lengths, grades from export run to achieve a higher overall mill net return than existing product line
  • Market and promote entire “run” into international markets
  • Create and develop the mill’s reputation as a niche supplier of high-quality export products
  • Extract the “maximum” net value of fiber from each run of logs