Going Global

Bringing International Markets to Private Businesses

We consult, access, create and implement export markets for independent North American mills. At Northcrest, we are a compact, agile and driven company that is focused on continuously improving your bottom-line.

Our team streamlines the development of export marketing programs and operates as a partner with many Canadian and US mills. By assessing the viability of a mill’s export opportunities that could be developed with minimal capital investment and mill re-configuration, NFP is consistently seeking to create enhanced mill returns for its mill partners.

Our distribution network includes customers and strategic alliances across North America, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cypress, Mexico, India, South East Asia and beyond.

Imperial to Metric Sizes

End-To-End Production

We understand and leverage the North American Lumber Standards and Grading System (WWPA, NLGA, etc.) and sizes (imperial) that could be relatively easily modified to produce export (metric) sizes and grades. Our forest product knowledge on both sides of production and Total Product of the Run™ programs differ from traditional industry standards.

Northcrest takes ownership of the whole program, finding profitable markets for all sizes, grades and lengths that a mill produces in an export program. We will not leave the mill with left-over export production that has to be sold locally at fire-sale prices!

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and your team.