FAQs / Developments

Frequently Asked Questions

For our new and upcoming mills, we have assembled a series of frequently asked questions.

We welcome your inquires and look forward to opening an active dialogue with your team.


  1. Are offshore lumber markets short-term?
    • At NFP, we function as the pulse of the industry by anticipating emerging global markets in China, India, Japan and Southeast Asia. With ongoing natural disasters worldwide, NFP is supplying the demand for lumber to rebuild these communities, cities and regions. Therefore, a base level demand remains constant throughout the year and is anticipate well into the next decade.
  2. How will exporting to overseas markets benefit my mill, employees and community?
    • Exporting your forest produces creates jobs and brings offshore capital into the local economy. Our company can assist you in producing several products for export markets that require minimal modifications to your existing mill configurations. NFP’s “Total Product of the Run™” programs generate consistent, long-term and profitable returns for our mill partners.
  3. How is Northcrest different from the last wholesaler who took the top 20% of our run and left us with lower grades? What is a Total Product of the Run ™ program?
    • Ownership is one of our three core values at Northcrest Forest Products. We take full possession of your entire “run”, meaning all sizes, all grades and all species. By utilizing our depth of experience in sawmill and production in combination with our marketing and sales expertise; we collaborate with our mill partners. From log bucking, sawmilling and planning right through to packaging, transportation and lumber marketing; Northcrest is your strategic alliance for export lumber sales.
  4. What are the differences between North American sizes and offshore sizes?
    • Think of the car industry as an analogy… Ford Mustang (North American Cars = Standard Sizes) and a Toyota Camry (Overseas Cars = Metric Sizes). Both vehicles have more similarities than differences and Toyota remains the #1 selling automobile brand in the world. Consequently, moving your mill configurations up to Offshore / Metric sizes is the natural evolution of North American lumber marketing in the 21st century.
  5. Are metric sizes a lower return on investment (vs imperial sizes)?
    • Your return on invstment from metric sizes (vs standard sizes) is based on the total yield of the production run. By carefully assessing, grading and programming your Total Product of the Run™, we generate a much higher return on your fiber by maximizing your overall yield.
  6. Where is Northcrest Forest Products located?
    • Northcrest Forest Products is located in the Greater Vancouver Area of British Columbia, Canada just a quick 20 minutes from the US / Canada boarder.
  7. Do you provide financing for our mill retrofit?
    • At Northcrest, we work together with our mill partners to provide financial synergies to serious and committed ventures.
  8. Which mills are you currently marketing? To which countries?
  9. Can Northcrest provide transportation and logistics for our lumber?
    • Yes, at Northcrest, we have the logistical knowledge and experience to take your lumber products from truck, rail to overseas markets. Full insured and completely bonded.
  10. Do we need to already be present in the offshore markets to work with NFP?
    • At Northcrest, we function as your trade ambassador and represent your best interest aboard. Therefore, it is not necessary for your mill to be trading in offshore markets; it is our job to represent you.