Management Team


The vision for our mill partners and global customers is grounded in building and growing a trusted network of like-minded organizations that are seeking mutual beneficial alliances. As a progressive, responsible and independent global forest products marketer, we also want to share our wealth and knowledge of Northcrest’s legacy and celebrate the mutual strengths of all stakeholders, natural environments and communities. Our veteran team is a good-fit for independent North American mills who are seeking offshore opportunities and international businesses looking to access North American fiber.

Baljit Gill, President

Ms. Gill has over two decades of experience in the forest products and bio-energy fields in British Columbia, Canada. Winner of the RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Impact Award in December 2008, Baljit continues her vision as a businessperson focused on global citizenship and philanthropy.

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Being an entrepreneur requires vision, being decisive, facing challenges, creating a cohesive, goal-oriented team and always being one step ahead of your competition.
With Northcrest’s mandate to life-long learning, we have launched several educational scholarships programs to help students establish positive career paths. As the president, I also believe our unification with the communities in which we live and work are everlasting. If we take care of our children, the future will take care of itself.
– Baljit Gill