Baljit Gill, president of Northcrest Forest Products was the sole owner of Kitwanga Mills Ltd., a company holding 100% of the assets of Kitwanga Lumber Company (KLC).

Kitwanga was an independent lumber manufacturing and marketing business which earned the status as one of the largest exporters of BC Wood Products worldwide. In 2009, the Kitwanga Mill was sold to a global bio-energy company and Kitwanga Exports Ltd. was then rebranded as Northcrest Forest Products in the same year.

Brand Promise

Reasons to Believe
  • To respect our customer’s demands for sustainable, profitable programs and products with continuous improvements
  • To create more “Value” with the Total Product of the Run™ solution with all our mill partners
  • To fulfill our customers needs for consistent supply of fiber and to develop new markets
  • To take ownership of our business relationships and celebrate the strengths of all individuals
  • To actively be a part of the communities and charities in which we live and work