Competitive Advantages

Buying Northcrest

The Northcrest Advantage is highly dependant on whether you are an independent mill in USA or Canada, who is looking for offshore export opportunities or an international forest products company sourcing dimensional premium lumber from the forests of North America.

For our mill partners, we can provide the in-depth knowledge of manufacturing for export, end-to-end-production programs (Total Product of the Run™ solutions) and global distribution channels to take your lumber to overseas markets. Northcrest is a practical and sustainable export program to assist North American mills.

  • Value-Adding the “Total Value of the Run” program with a Higher “Net on Fiber”
  • Sustainability of the “Total Product of the Run” program and Complete Acquisition
  • Distribution Channel to Global Markets
  • Ability to compare “Return on Fiber” for export programs compared to North America
  • Exceptional Knowledge with Mill Programs, Distribution, Grading Expertise, etc.
  • Redevelopment of the Local Market by reactivating Mills, Jobs and Communities
  • Manufacturing of Lumber (Logs > Saw Mills > Kiln)
  • Transportation Advantages to Overseas Markets
  • Sales and Marketing Program

For our international customers, we can secure a constant supply of premium dimensional lumber from our independent US and Canadian mill partners.

  • Proven Track Record with Northcrest and our Legacy Companies
  • Two Decades of Supplying Export Forest Products to Global Customers
  • Full-Range of Premium Graded Forest Products delivered On-Time.
  • Consistent Supply of Premium Dimension Lumber with Competitive Market Pricing
  • Reliable, Credible, Trustworthy and Solutions-Orientated Company
  • Works Fairly with You by taking Ownership of Complete Business Transactions