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Value-Adding Programs. Serving Global Demand

Northcrest Forest Products and our legacy companies (Kitwanga Mills, Kitwanga Exports and KLC Group) are proud to honour the tradition of excellence established over two decades ago.

By working closely with our mill partners, we provide premium forest products at competitive rates worldwide. At Northcrest, we pride ourselves in providing on-time delivery and offering a variety of sizes and species to match your orders. All of our premium lumber products are graded on the higher side of the scale and are measured according to international metric standards. Our network of systems extends to all key stakeholders and associations – CLS / ALS, Export “R” List, NLGA and COFI. Northcrest is an active participant of COFI – Council of Forest Industries, NAWLA – North American Wholesale Lumber Association, IFPTA – International Forest Products Transportation Association, BC Wood and the Surrey Board of Trade.

Our commitment to the community and the forest stewardship has resulted in a dedicated work force and a supportive community. With more than a century of combined expertise in niche export marketing, we are well equipped to serve our worldwide base of customers.

  • Competitive Advantages

    Buying Northcrest

    The Northcrest Advantage is highly dependant on whether you are an independent mill in USA or Canada, who is looking for offshore export opportunities or an international forest products company sourcing dimensional premium lumber from the forests of North America.

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  • History & Brand Promise

    Reasons to Believe

    • To respect our customer’s demands for sustainable, profitable programs and products with continuous improvements…
    • To create more “Value” with the Total Product of the Run™ solution to all our mill partners
    • To fulfill our customers needs for consistent supply of fiber and to develop new markets…

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  • Team Bios / Latest News


    Baljit Gill, president of Northcrest Forest Products was the sole owner of Kitwanga Mills Ltd., a company holding 100% of the assets of Kitwanga Lumber Company (KLC). Kitwanga was an independent lumber manufacturing and marketing business which earned the status as one of the largest exporters of BC Wood Products worldwide.

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