NFP Future Projects

As a progressive pioneer in the forest products industry, Northcrest continues to explore and develop new business ventures.

With a commitment to sustainability energy, Northcrest is focused on the following opportunities for expansion:

  • Northwest Pellet Plant – Extracting Biofuels from Wood Waste

    Wood pellets are a critical ingredient in delivering the demand for bio mass components and achieving the demand for renewable energy as well as the reduction of greenhouse gasses

  • Reload Facility – Strategically located in the Greater Vancouver Area

    Northcrest’s new reload facility and yard will be a logistical hub, reload, and access point to multiple modes of transportation throughout Metro Vancouver

  • Multi-modal Capabilities – To Better serve our Global Customers

    Whether your transportation requirements are trucks, railcars, or water vessels, Northcrest has the logistic capabilities to ship your products down the corner or around the globe

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